2011 Safari to Kruger and Nkorho. Blog Part 6 - Buffaloes

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2011 Safari to Kruger and Nkorho. Blog Part 6 - Buffaloes

One of the most unpredictable animals in the bush is the Buffalo.  Although they can look like placid cattle their behaviour can change without warning resulting in people walking in the bush being charged and on occasions even vehicles being charged.

Dagga boys are those older males who have been ousted from the herd because they are past their prime.  The name comes from them sometimes being covered in mud having wallowed in pools.  We saw many small groups of Dagga Boys with large bosses on their heads:

Dagger Boys 1

Dagger Boys 2

Dagger Boys 3

Breeding herds of buffalo can range from smallish ones of about 50 to very large ones of 500.  We came across this herd in the Kruger Park near Mopani camp numbering over 300.  They blocked the road for about 15 minutes:

Buffalo Herd 1

Buffalo 1

Buffalo 2

Buffalo 3

We saw several other breeding herds of buffalo but the one that sticks in my memory is at the Nkorho water-hole.  The herd were everywhere around the water-hole, in it drinking and also wallowing - you can see the mud on their flanks:

Buffalo Herd 3

Buffalo Herd 2

This video here shows the herd at the Nkorho Water-hole.  Half way through the video you can see the tree on which the web camera is sited.  By the time  the herd left the water-hole was quite empty and a muddy wallow!


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I am partial to Dagga Boys.

Laughing I am partial to Dagga Boys. They remind me of grumpy Grandpa's.


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Thank you charles! I'm happy

Thank you charles! I'm happy to see, the Buffalos and the webcam from NK Smiling the tree is very high!

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More great pics - thanks

More great pics - thanks Charles  Smiling


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