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3 leopards at EP !

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3 leopards at EP !

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Elephant Plains-1

A spotted trio at Elephant Plains Smiling




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Awesome video. Mother and

Awesome video. Mother and two juvenilles. Doesn't look like that trio will be together much longer. The cubs are nearly old enough to be on their own.

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OMG That is beautiful...Did

OMG That is beautiful...Did not see it before....but many years ago in Maralal, Northern Kenya, after waiting for the leopard to go down where we had put the bite...., tired of waiting,we opened the door of the hut to go ...and there he was: one meter from me.....

I will NEVER forget that moment , never ...!!! His eyes, the smell, the emotion !!!

Thank you Africam for taking me where my home was for many years , and where my heart still is and always will be until the end of my days!!

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  Wonderful Farout!!

Smile  Wonderful Farout!! Thankyou for  sharing.  AFRICAM.COM is Thee best.

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Hello LeaThese leopards were

Hello Lea

These leopards were not Karula and her cubs but were more than likely Salayexe and her two cubs.  Karula's territory doesn't extend as far as EP.

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Wonderful capture Gerda.  I

Wonderful capture Gerda.  I love seeing Karula,  Mixo, and Induna.  They are beautiful leopards.  Thanks for sharing.


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That is wonderful Gerda!! 

That is wonderful Gerda!!  takes me back to Mana Pools!!Wink

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Nice to see some leopards

Nice to see some leopards again.  Is Karula still around?

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Thanks a lot, Gerda!

Thanks a lot, Gerda! Smile

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Not only a long clip showing

Not only a long clip showing the natural interaction between  mother and growing cubs,but in

broad daylight AND my favourite of the  big  cats  !!!  Well done  and thank you.

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Truly a beautiful scene, it

Truly a beautiful scene, it brings me back 3 years ago at Elephant Plains, thank you

I am french and especially Britany, I love Africa and wildlife

In 2007, I spent a few days in Elephants Plains : wonderful

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