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6th Day - 21 August, 2010

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6th Day - 21 August, 2010


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6th Day – 21 August, 2010


We had set our alarm for 5:00 AM, so by the time Jason came knocking on the door at 5:30, we were semi awake and I headed off for the lodge for coffee.  Then out to board the game drive vehicle.  Thomas and Jason had graciously supplied it with blankets and hot water bottles, as it was very nippy before the sun came up.  Speaking of which, while everyone was getting settled, I snapped this of another S. African sunrise!

Shortly after getting underway, we came upon a small herd of Cape Buffalo

who weren’t too keen on letting us use “their” road.  They did finally move off to one side, though not without a dirty look from this guy.

Around 7:30 we came across Black Tip again, without his girl friend, but with his 3 brothers!

At first we only saw him, but then some movement beyond and to the right turned out to be Smudge Bum (closest)

and Pretty Boy (to the rear).  

Smudge Bum is so named because of a dark patch on his butt, and Pretty Boy because he has the fewest battle scars.  The 4th brother is called just “Smudge”, though I’m not sure where his smudge is, since we never really got a good look at him.  Keep in mind, these are not official names, just labels that the rangers have put on them, so that they can identify the individuals in conversation.

Before we left the sighting, Black Tip got up and moved up the road a hundred feet or so to lay down with the 4th brother, Smudge, who was pretty well hidden in the brush.

He looked so majestic moving through the grass – truly the King of Beasts.

If it appears from these pictures that all lions ever do is lay around and sleep, that’s not too far from the truth.  On average they sleep 20 hours a day, doing their hunting at night.

Here we’re stopped

while Jason and Thomas serve up our morning coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

Since we were cautioned about wearing overly bright clothing on the drives, we wondered why they supplied us with these fire engine red blankets??

After coffee, we returned to the lodge, and while we were waiting for breakfast to be served, Jen and Spot (one of the resident dogs) played tug-a-war with a stuffed toy. 

When Spot finally won, then dropped the toy, Milo dashed in and took possession of it, as if to say, “Mine, mine, mine!” .

After a hearty breakfast, I went off to reception to buy a Nkorho Bush Lodge hat.  Jen snapped this pic when I was on my way back to the Chalet wearing it.

Jen and Chris went for a bush walk with Peter, and they found this baby monitor lizard curled up in a hole in this dead tree.

Not far into the afternoon drive, we came upon Mafufunyane, a large male Leopard.

He stayed in the open for a while, but was obviously hunting,

and we soon lost him in the bush.

We watched this small group of Common Dwarf Mongoose for a few minutes.

They  take up residence in termite mounds, staying for a few days, then moving on.  They are Africa’s smallest predator, weighing about a pound and achieving 10-12” in length.  Though they look cute and cuddly,

most assuredly they would remove your fingers, should you try and mess with them.

As the sun was going down, we encountered this family of Rhino who had been drinking at the pan at Kudu Corner.  The large male agreed to pose for us, but the other two wanted nothing to do with us.

Here we have the moon over Sabi Sands.  Spectacular!

As darkness fell, suddenly in the middle of the track in front of us was the grand old lady herself, Safari, an 18 year old female leopard.  (Note age correction.) 

She is blind in her right eye, the result of a spat she had with a male leopard, Mafufunyane, I believe.  And though, she may have lost a step or two, she is still an accomplished huntress.  Some of the younger girls hassle her from time to time, trying to steal her kills, but for the most part she holds her own.

So, this brings us to the end of another day in the bush.  We saw 4 of the big 5, Buffalo, Lion, Rhino and Leopard, only missing Elephant.  But tomorrow’s another day!



Buffalo                                                                         Lions

Black Backed Jackal                                                   Steenbok

Spot & Milo                                                                 Baby Monitor Lizard

Leopard                                                                       Dwarf Mongoose



None noted, though we must have seen some!

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Ingwe's picture

Another feast of sightings,

Another feast of sightings, Roger!  I did enjoy this day very much, from sunrise to sunset.  Your pictures are stunning Smiling

A powerful male lion is always a sight to savour, and never be tired of, and the little mongooses on the other end of the scale are equally fascinating. 

You saw Mafuf!  And Safari!  I'm so glad you did.  They are both special leopards.

Nkorho hat looks good

Africa Biker's picture

Hi RogerJust new to the site

Hi Roger

Just new to the site and your link popped up on Facebook. Very impressed by the versitility of this website. You photos are stunning and make me very homesick for the Bush. I lived for 10 years in the Cape and travelled extensively throughout Africa, wild camping.

But I am now back living in Scotland and the rain is pouring down right now. I long for the sights and scents of the bush, your pics and comments have cheered me up immensely. Keep up the good work


RogerH's picture

Takermaster and redmerlin777

Takermaster and redmerlin777 - Welcome to Africam!  Thank you both for your kind comments.  (everyone else, as well!)  It is my great pleasure to share this with everyone here.  And by the way, there are 6 more days to go, so stay tuned!

Member of the All Critters, Large And Small (Except Olive Toads) Fan Club. Seen so far, ellie, rhino, buffalo, zeb, wildee, baboons, warthogs, giraffe, impala, lion, kudu, hyena, jackal, monkey, mongoose, leopard, hippo, lots of birds.

redmerlin777's picture

Roger, many thanks for

Roger, many thanks for sharing your holiday with us. I have really enjoyed reading about you adventures. I especially liked the account of your stay at Nkorho. Odd seeing the waterhole from the opposite side!

You take good photos too. I loved them all.


Thanks again

Takermaster's picture

I just finished slow reading

I just finished slow reading and scrolling through 6 page's of the most spatacular photo's I have ever seen of African wildlife, and the vacation story was a great read after page 6 I wished there were at 6 more page's I feel like I have just fofilled my lifetime dream of going to Africa in you're 6 page's thankyou for sharing you're trip Smiling

donnabac's picture

Great Day with all four

Great Day with all four Majingilanes, Mufufunyane AND Safari!


Fani's picture

So you saw ...Safari female

So you saw ...Safari female ...What a great sighting ...!!! She is a ledgent and after so many years of being around ..It is a must to see her there ...I think she is oder ...I have pics of her since 2002 !!! and she had cubs then ...Mafufayane is also ...a fantastic male ...

Great day at Nkorho Roger ...!!!! Thank you for all your photos ....Smile

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Another great blog Roger, ty

Another great blog Roger, ty so much and great pics too.


Mavis's picture

Wow - another wonderful day

Wow - another wonderful day Roger.

Thank you so much.

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