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86 Elephants Slaughtered In Chad

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86 Elephants Slaughtered In Chad

Poachers have killed at least 86 elephants in Chad last week according to reports from NBC News. 33 of these were pregnant females, and 15 were calves.

“This tragedy shows once again the existential threat faced by Central Africa’s elephants,” Bas Huijbregts, head of the World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) campaign against illegal wildlife trade in Central Africa, said in a statement.

Organised criminal gangs are to blame for illegally trafficking huge quantities of tusks to keep up with the growing demand for ivory in Asia, and these particular poachers were  heavily armed, on horseback and spoke Arabic – suggesting that they could well be the same group responsible for last year’s slaughter of 300 elephants in Cameroon.

In response, Cameroon has deployed military helicopters and hundreds of troops to some national parks to protect the animals.

How can you help? You can start by learning more about the WWF initiative to stop illegal wildlife trade HERE . You can also use the power of social media by taking snapshots of the animals we are trying to protect and sharing them on Facebook and Twitter HERE

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