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A Call to Arms to Africam members

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A Call to Arms to Africam members

gday Africamers,

I have been trrying to figure a way we can all say thanks to africam and the lodges that provide and maintain the cams. and i have come up with the idea that maybe we could all endeavour on a  campaign to have africam featured on our respective morning shows in our various countries. or any other applicable shows

thus increasing turnover of the site and hopefully turnover of guests to lodges by default..  Look its just an idea, and i believe we are this sites greatest asset because we can do such things as a group.. anyway im keen to give it a shot and i hope others will join in..

have a good day all be safe and happy viewing,


p.s it might make up for some of my complaining lol Smiling

Wild1 (not verified)
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personally i have clicked the "donate" button Smiling

antytara (not verified)
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well I for one think that is a brilliant idea, I have told everyone that I know about it and how wonderful it is but never thought to go public in that way .............. radio and tv often plug something they find fascinating .......... this definitely qualifies Smiling:)

and a way to help without a financial output I can't afford at this time Smiling:)

 Thanks  and Thanks to Africams Smiling:)

LostInOz (not verified)
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can i post this somewhere more prominent ty Smiling

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