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LUCKY ME... I get to meet another Bomite!  Northwettestshutterbug, who will be from this time forward called by her given name, Laurel (because I'm a better pic taker than typist!), is coming to Hawaii on Thanksgiving day with her hubby and 14 year old son!

We have been on-line pals for awhile now, and are both anxious to meet face to face! She will be staying in a hotel right next to the zoo I worked in for many years, so I hope to be able to give her family a guided tour!

Maybe she'll even give me permission to post some pics!  We haven't discussed that yet!  We Yanks seem to be more trusting in that area than you Europeans... maybe we have to learn everything the HARD way!  Innocent 

Emjay (not verified)
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Thanks Stephen!  Since a lot of the pictures in this thread have been moved (reorganized my Photobucket account) I'm assuming your're referring to my slide show. 

This is another streaming cam site called Djuma Viewer.  They go out on drives over there and are fantastic trackers.  I just took pictures from their drive like I do here at the Boma! 

stp (not verified)
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Wow! Nice photos. They were amazing! Did the felines notice you while you were taking photos? Or did they simply just ignored you. Great post by the way, Enjoyed viewing the photos.


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Emjay (not verified)
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I'm sorry to say, Iceage has had to "postpone"... not cancel... his planned trip to Hawaii next month.  No worries, Icyman... we'll see you on this side of the world sooner than later!Cry

Emjay (not verified)
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MELE KALIKIMAKA from two Honolulu Africamers plus a friend! jshtabata is the tee tiny one on the right.

*Pic size edited by Ingwe*

Emjay (not verified)
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You got that right, Laurel... Icyman wanted to start it NOW.. that's how excited he is about coming to Hawaii... and seeing ME again! HA HA! The night he booked his air he phoned me twice and emailed me a 3rd time to ask me to call him at 2am so as not to disturb Nano! And he hadn't slept yet either!  Tongue out His computer is locked up right now so that he can get some major work done on his house, but he'll be back in about 10 days.

northwettestshutterbug (not verified)
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thank you, ice age. it's very hard to find something that's not beautiful to take a picture of in hawaii. you will see!!! hope you have a spectacular visit, and the weather cooperates for you. sounds like you will have plenty of time to see everything, and also time to just relax on the beach. i will follow your trip, as i am sure emjay will start a thread about the first week of february, right?Wink 

Iceage (not verified)
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Laurel you have made BEAUTIFULL picture's!

But i will be able to make them myself in about 8 weeks also Smiling

Flight is booked and payed from Amsterdam-> Honolulu and Back.

Arrival at Honolulu februari 5th at 21.35

Return from Honolulu at Amsterdam Februari 26 th. at about 18.35.

Some africammers are really crazy arent '  they Smiling

 (@swift please email me i lost you'r email adres).

Emjay (not verified)
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All I'm seeing on the cams tonight is WHITE!  Maybe someone is dreaming of a white Christmas!  Undecided

Looking forward to Friday... let me konw what time!  Glad to see you posting my friend! 

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Joined: Apr 21 2007

Hey, emjay, I've been really busy.  Working on a service mission at my church and I have been going slightly crazy.  I did watch both elephant site and african waterhole but didn't see much

Had a great time at the breakfast.  See you Friday.

Emjay (not verified)
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Sleeping Hyena!

Recognize this guy?

This is one of my favorite of all Laurel's shots! He's posing for her!

Our very naughty chimp! They love the little kids... always show off for them!

This is a bird found all over the Islands. I'm told it's a Brazilian cardinal... originally brought in many years ago as pets. Laurel really liked them!

Lastly, a very fragrant flower, the Tahitian gardenia


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