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a ??? on laptop picture size ??

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a ??? on laptop picture size ??

what is a good size pic for those that have lap tops to view a photo we may put in some of the site -

this one is a medium - 500x 451 -

this one is 1024 x 924

my ?? is - is the large one to big to fit on the lap top screens ?

moderator can move this to the right site if this is wrog one -


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It's a little hard to say because the page has a lot of white space around it, but, the larger image doesn't fit my lappy. My lappy is longer than it is tall, more like a cinema screen.

I don't know these things well, but, there is a resolution size that website builders recommend for images. I'll bet you could google it and get the answer :)

And, I think it has more to do with the browser fit than the screen fit because browser windows can be adjusted to fit any screen.

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