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A Spring Peeper in Amsterdam

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A Spring Peeper in Amsterdam

A True Frog Story !

While we were listening to and guessing who made those frogsounds a few weeks ago (fififi), my niece foned me. She had found a very strange creature in her kitchen, 3 stores high.

She knew I was "into" froggies that time and asked what kind it could be. Both been looking for info and we came to an identification.

It was a Pseudacris crucifer- Spring Peeper- Kruisboomkikker, originating from East Canada and North East USA!

A very small Treefrog just 3cm. With these nice special toes and it can make whistling calls.


Because she was going for a holiday, in 2 days, and I should look after her cat, she asked me if I would look after this new housemate too. I took it with me to my house for observation and a close monitoring.

I had to find the right food and to make a good living space.In a special shop I found the good sized Crickets and made in a plastic terrarium, with stones, shells, plants and some water, a home.

It is here now for several weeks and as far I can know in good health.

Some calls I found on the internet and maybe I will hear it, someday, in my own livingroom.

How it came in my nieces kitchen and here in the Netherlands? We will never know, I think.

Writing this, now, because froggies and toads are having a good springtime concert at Nkorho and this Spring Peeper I can see every day   Smiling




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Joined: Mar 14 2006

This is great Swift!  I remember when you got him Smiling

Thanks for the update - you're a good froggy mother

Gerda (not verified)
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do you know if it's a male or a female ?

It's great that he/she is doing so well ! 


Gerda (not verified)
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cerinthe wrote:

Is the sound of a tap dripping at EP maybe a frog too?

Cerinthe, do you mean this one ?

bubbling kassina

it was recorded at EP.




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Joined: Feb 17 2006

Thanks a lot for sharing, Swift! Smiling

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Joined: Feb 18 2006

Swift ..thank you for sharing with us those pics ...You must be proud of him ...Smile

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Joined: Dec 24 2007

Swift, What a wonderful true story.

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Joined: Oct 16 2005

The pics are great! Lovely to see the little fella. Smiling

Swift (not verified)
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Well almost a year further and yes it is still with me Cool

Made its little sharp calls many times the last month's and is eating the crickets with and without extra vitamins and minerals. I  know for sure it has a very good eyside, because when it is out side its hiding place, it is following every move form me Smiling

Have a digital camera now and this is a few from the pictures made.

PS 1 male cricket made it to adulthood, after his escape, and did shirp in, and later, outside my house Smiling Big laughs about that also with my neighbour.  Not a normal sound to be heard in the centre of this city Eye-wink




Ann (not verified)
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Here is the site I posted yesterday in Campfire chat.  It has the running frog sound and another that sounds a lot like ones we hear at NK and EP.

Swift (not verified)
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I have been clicking more throug this site and there are more frogs pictures and sounds. All by research in Kenya. So not SA specific.

But I am happy with all the info, specialy the audio on the amphibianlist.

Try the Kids part   ;-) 

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