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A Surprise MEET for Emjay

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A Surprise MEET for Emjay

Just before leaving for a High School Reunion in Vegas, I got a welcome message from Azlady that she was going to make a trip from Arizona to meet with me, and bring new baby Dykota as well as the rest of her beautiful "tribe"! This was not an easy venture for Kay as she requires a wheel chair to cover any real ground, and there was no room in the car for the kids, their needs, and a chair.

We had a wonderful afternoon of chatting like people SHOULD.. face to face, and although the kids did get a bit bored and restless, big sister Manda was there to take them out for a look at the Fremont Street Experience. All but Dykota, who had settled down for a nap, and James, who likes to be with the grownups!

We both took lots of pictures, and Kay gave me permission to post some here for the rest of you: Most of the family

Baby "Dykota Karula" in his safari hat:

Emjay & MJ (missing from the first picture):

Is that a smile to die for, or what?

Kay and her newest Pride and Joy!

Two Bomites... I can't believe how lucky I am to have met 4 of my fellow Bomites in such a short time, and in so many different places!



Cait48 (not verified)
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love the pics and the baby is sweet!

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Joined: Mar 14 2006

Emjay! This is great, thanks for posting and sharing your meet with us Smiling

Emjay (not verified)
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While working on this meet, I noticed that Laurel's meet in Honolulu had gotten all "screwed up" when I reorganized my Photobucket Albums.... pictures were too good to lose, so they have now been restored.  It was my 1st meet on home turf, but there 's supposed to be one more coming up in early 2009!

azlady13 (not verified)
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SURPRISE!  My daughter and son worked on my computer this evening and I can get on least for a little while.  And I get to see all Emjay's great pix!  I should have spelled all our weird names for her though.....D'Koda Karula, M'Kinzi, MJ, and Jaison.  Big sister is Manda.  But you did remember the names and that's a lot!  All I had to remember was Nano.  And thank him for his patience! We really did have a wonderful time and thank you Emjay for the wonderful surprise.  I hope you enjoyed your "chaos"! :)  [Now if you ever get to meet the oldest 3........ Eye-wink ]

karen-inVA (not verified)
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Hi Emjay,
This is a wonderful treat for you, Kay and her gang to meet up! What beautiful photos, it is nice to put faces with names.

Thanks so much for sharing!

Emjay (not verified)
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I don't know how you gals found this!  LOL

I know the "Mods" follow all the different Forums, but I'm amazed that you gals do too!  Thanks.  Poor Kay has major computer problems so it may be a while before she gets to see this. 

Karen A (not verified)
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Emjay how wonderful to meet another bomite.  You are very lucky to have met 4 other members.  How fun!  Thanks for posting the pics and btw I enjoy all the pics you post on the forum, their beautiful.

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Joined: Dec 24 2007

Thanks Emjay! I always enjoy your cam snaps and now get see you too!

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Joined: Oct 16 2005

Thanks for posting the pics Emjay, now we finally see and meet you and Azlady and the lovely MJ. Great to see them all.

Thanks Emjay Smiling

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Joined: Apr 28 2007

Hi Emjay:  You didn't tell your exciting news about meeting Kay (AZLady).  How wonderful for both of you.  You are indeed very lucky to have met 4 Bomites.  Have fun.



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