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A Visit to South Africa May 2011 (Part 4)

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A Visit to South Africa May 2011 (Part 4)

The next morning we saw an old favourite of mine -

Mafufunyane!  He is getting quite old now, being close

to 14 years of age.

He is still a very special leopard!

That afternoon we came across a small group of buffaloes

They were being watched by this starling.

We had another good sighting of yet another herd of elephants

and I found this youngster fascinating as he ate right in front

of us.

Soon afterwards we had an encounter with a musth bull - he

wasn't happy and we quickly moved away.

Musth bulls dribble urine constantly and it has a strong,

unpleasant scent, so we were pleased to get away from him!

When we left camp the following morning we checked to see

if Salayexe was at the site of her kill and sure enough, there

she was up a tree, looking intently in the direction of where

she had left it.

She soon came down and disappeared in the opposite

direction so we moved off to see what had scared her. We

found one of the Tsalala females having a drink at a nearby


She then moved back to where Salayexe had stored the kill

up a tree.  The lioness was very heavily pregnant and there

was no chance of her getting into the tree to steal the kill

but she had tried as we could see scratch marks on the base of

the tree.

We then heard that the Tsalala female's sister was close by so

went to see if we could see her. She has young cubs and we

hoped to see them but unfortunately couldn't find her. Instead

we saw these nyala

and a short while later found one of the Majingilanes.

This is the male with the scar on his rump.

Our final sighting that morning before making our way back

to the lodge for breakfast was of Utah, one of the male

rhinos in the area.

All in all, it had been a very good morning.


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have looked at the 4 blogs

have looked at the 4 blogs
look forward to the 5th
leopard is by far my favorite african cat-
blog # 1- malachite kingfisher
blog # 2 baobab tree, - hornbill
blog #3 - lion cubs- a winner lol
blog # 4 first leopard pic - yes yes leopard in tree yes

thanks for sharing

                            A F R I C A M    B O O K 




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