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" A Wildebeest Ballet"

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" A Wildebeest Ballet"

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Elephant Plains-1

Wildebeest having fun at EP

Wednesday 6 April 2011


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Great footage! Wonderful

Great footage! Wonderful game to keep these guys sharp and ready for trouble. A couple of times it looked like some wildies were playing "devil's advocate" Laughing out loud Very wise!

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Lol, at afew points it looks

Lol, at afew points it looks like Wildebeest VS. Impala Tongue out 

At other points it just looks like they are all saying ''hey, tag, your it!'' XD.

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Wonderful to watch in real

Wonderful to watch in real time and so happy you captured it. At about the 2:00 minute mark they collide, but seemed no worse for the collision Smiling.


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