Tembe cam has limited to no control of the cam at times. Nkorho cam is down. We are working on a solution. Thank you for your patience

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Please ignore the prior

Please ignore the prior question.  After looking for links for months, today I did see one that gave me instructions of how to cancel from AfricamPro membership.  As explained in the last email, I was never allowed in to the site, so never saw it, so wanted it cancelled.  If anyone else is in the same fix,  here are the instructions I found that worked -- my PayPal account now shows AfPro as cancelled.

How do I unsubscribe to Africam PRO?
Easy, you simply go onto your PayPal account and cancel the recurring payment for the subscription package you selected. No strings attached! Please follow these easy steps to stop your subscription:

                Login to your Paypal account

Go to "My Accounts"

On the right hand side click on "My preapproved payments"

                Cancel payment to africam

(you will see, on My Accounts, "cancelled" if all went well.  Good luck everyone.  I would have loved the cameras without the ads, but not at the cost of the frustration.)

I love the African cameras -- wish they didn't go down as frequently (for example, now, of the six main cameras, only one has an image.)  I realize there is some harsh terrain and conditions in Africa, but several of these places are adjacent to luxury lodges. 


AfricamLynn's picture

Could you please give me the

Could you please give me the computer address to go to so I can cancel my membership in AfricamPro.  I have NEVER gotten on the site, and it makes me ill to see $5 a month being charged for nothing.  It's like it vanished, I never see the ads concerning it like there was before I signed up.  Unsure if it's belly up -- I'm still being charged monthly.


Thanks  Lynn   or AfricamLynn

Tourneyman1's picture

hi gembunny.  A few things

hi gembunny.  A few things could cause that to happen.  Had you been able to view the cameras ok before recently? The cam could be down, you have an ad blocking software enabled, don't have flash player or your internet speed isn't fast enough.  There are other things that it could be but would need more details.  Here is a better thread to post about any problems.  Click here 

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, courage to change the things that I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.... especially when the cams go down.

gembunny's picture

Why am I not able to see the

Why am I not able to see the ads or get to the live pictures ??


hanneke's picture

Hallo Moondog,Admin:We

Hallo Moondog,


We investigating this glitch and hope to have a resolution soon.




It is working  again Moondog.


Moondog's picture

I can't seem to get the pics

I can't seem to get the pics I take with the camera to post to Facebook anymore, is there something wrong with the connection between the two. I really enjoy showing everyone the wonders Africa has to offer. Smiling <3 Please help me fix this , thankyou.

shushin's picture

Hi Ushy Most of us use

Hi Ushy Smile Most of us use MWsnap to take pictures it is a free download or if you have windows 7 it has a snipping tool which is easy to use. With both of these you can save to your computer then upload to a online picture site. I use Photobucket and them upload to Africam from there.

shadow55's picture

Hi Shushin (I am uschy)

Hi Shushin (I am uschy) lol

how to post a picture from my computer to fb I now it. But how to get a picture from the cam I don't know it. If I need to get a picture direct from the cam to save it in my computer, that is what I can not find out.

Sorry and thank you

shushin's picture

Hi shadow,To post pictures

Hi shadow,

To post pictures on FB is not the same as posing a picture on here.


This is the link on how to post on Faacebook.

shadow55's picture

Hi. Since some time I try to

Hi. Since some time I try to find out how I can take a pic from one of the cam and post it on fb. I read the instructions on "how to post.....". But I am not able to understand it, sorry.

Somebody can help me how to do?

Thanks alot

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