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A "crash" of Rhino at NK.

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A "crash" of Rhino at NK.

A crash of Rhino is the collective term given to a group of them. If you were not familiar with the term and you perhaps thought that a rhino had “crashed” into someone or something, don’t be concerned as that is not the case today. If you want to see a rhino on a walk, the White Rhino is generally quite relaxed. I say generally, because there could be a number of reasons which we are not aware of that cause an animal to behave completely differently to what it usually does- it’s happened many times before. I was taught that the purpose of a walk is to view the animals without them knowing that you are there. But that can be difficult if you are not walking quietly or if the wind is always changing direction. I was also taught that most of the animals that you want to view in the bush have a “comfort zone” or distance, where they don’t mind being watched from, and they know you are there. I wanted to learn about the bush from some of the best, so I went to work with the Shangaan that a good friend of mine had worked with. I met an amazing tracker and made an even better friend, in fact my best. Thom taught me so much.

All the times that I have viewed White Rhino on foot have been wonderful. When I was on my own and testing/breaking the White Rhino’s comfort zone, they always ran away- that is the generalization; it’s not set in stone!!!

The Black Rhino on the other hand, is a completely different “kettle of fish”. It’s temperamental, and often highly aggressive- if you break its comfort zone they will often charge you down, and not run away. ( an extremely terrifying and most definately a life- threatening experience- I don’t recommend it)

Below is a picture of 3 White Rhino drinking at NK. The White Rhino is territorial, but you may find groups of them together and they are very tolerant of each other, providing the individuals that are outside their territories behave submissively.



Thank-you to everyone for taking the photos and videos.

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