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Admins...New Smilies

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Admins...New Smilies

I am sure that the smilies are likely the last thing on the list of things to do...but thought I would lend a hand. The smilies for this site were designed for a light background, so the have a white halo around them as you can see:


I have taken the liberty of optimizing a set of smilies for a black background that eliminates the halo. Thought maybe you guys would like to replace your current ones with this new set. They look better on black. I have maintained the file names, so you should just be able to overwrite on upload.

Just my 28 cents (2 cents adjusted for inflation)....

maxx (not verified)
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No problem....I'll leave them up on my server for awhile and you can grab them when you need them. Smiling

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Thanx for ur inpuut.

Yes it is one of the last on the list as it were (but not very last !!). I need to dig into Tiny MCE code / plugin stuff to change these apparently - something that will be done, but not right right now. We also want to add a few at the same time.

plse nag me in about 2-3 weeks


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