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Ads on Africam

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Ads on Africam


Well I am going to also place my comment about the ads here

Well I am not really happy about the ad comments on the other thread

So this is what I posted

I just wanted to say that I would like people to stop crying about the ads

The is a free sight not to mention the best sight on the internet and they need to make money to keep this sight running

I personally do not care about the ads and I just want to thank everyone at Africam who work 24 hours a day to give us the best entertainment on the internet and I hope that they are not offended with these bullxxxx comments

I would also like to personally apologize to anyone at Africam if you offended or hurt by these comments and I hope you keep doing a great job because I know you will

Well everyone at Africam I want to thank you again for everything you do fo us everyday


Have a nice day

LostInOz (not verified)
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gday ed,

thanks for your comments. balance is important..

but i think and i mean me personally, that the comments come from a very deep passion for africam ... i think that is the one thing we all share here..   

i agree, i hope no one takes it personally or is offended by my comments at least...  and if i have i apologize, it was not my intention...

being agoraphobic i can tell u my appreciation for africam over the last ten yrs has been nothing short of a love affair to my heart  and an escape from the walls that surround me.. i even sleep on african time lol....

 Anyway i've done my complaining and on to being constructive now.. have a good day ed and all the members and dedicated staff of africam....


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