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Advert on Streaming cameras

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Advert on Streaming cameras

Hi Someone, anyone

 Please :-

This week, when logging onto the streaming camera's we are first having to watch a 30sec advert for "Life as a Soccer Mom" on TLC (whatever that is!!!).  This even happens when swop between the cameras at NK and EP.

 Help - it is driving us crazyYell!!!  Can we get rid of it??


Dion and Arls

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Hello Dion & Arls,

As with television or any other type of media,  advertising is an essential means of generating revenue.  These live streaming cameras that are located in such extreme remote locations are very costly to run and maintain.   Watching a few ads in order to see & hear  the wonderful sights & sounds that are provided to us by Africam is worth it to me.   

Instead of switching from one camera to the other, have you tried opening 2 windows at once?  This will help with having to watch the ads everytime you wish to view from one to the other.

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