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Get Spotted - Advertise on! is a well known and mature Internet brand with a strong and rapidly expanding user-base, both locally and internationally.

Our Live Web cams bring Africa to the world’s desk tops:

• Positioned and Targeted To the Travel and Tourism Market

• Has over 35 million hits/ month

• Highly Ranked on The Major Search Engines

• Large North American and European market

• Has doubled our advertisers web traffic and enquiries


Why advertise on ?


Africam is ranked as one of the top African safari lifestyle websites in the world. It is a well loved brand, known for its innovative and pioneering work in bringing the African wildlife experience to a world wide audience, via the internet. Africam is a well used resource for all tourists and potential travelers coming to Southern and East Africa. Today it enjoys a large following from all over the world. Our main viewer-ship comes from North America and Europe.

Geolocation: today is committed to, state of the art webcam technology, positioning our cams in unique and incredible locations and to our community of enthusiasts, who have helped build the credible content we have today.

Africam has launched into the broadband IPTV market, bringing once again a rich “virtual safari experience” to people in their homes and offices. We are in the process of expanding our content within the tourism market as well as into the online education market.

Where to Advertise on


Africam at this stage offers a 125 x 125 pixel banners placement on the right hand side of the page. These banners are visible on the home page and are continued throughout the main part of the site. There are three options available all of which work on a rotational basis.


Option A
Option B
Option C
Traffic (Guaranteed)
25 000 ad views
50 000 ad views
100 000 ad views
Banner Type
125 x 125 px
125 x 125 px
125 x 125 px
Banner Size
12kbytes gif or jpeg
24 kbytes gif or jpeg
36 kbytes gif or jpeg

What is an ad view?

Impressions refer to the number of times the advert will be shown during the course of a month. The greater the number of impressions the greater chance the advert has of being clicked. This is the most common way users reference the display of adverts.


Please note the number of ‘click’s’ on a particular ad is largely dependent on the ad’s, design and service you are offering. We cannot guarantee the number of clicks on your ad.