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Advertisement invasion in wilderness

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Advertisement invasion in wilderness

Since a few weeks ago, I've noticed that at random intervals the Africam video would be cut off by LOUD, Boring and REPETITIVE commercials.

This is completely rude, frustrating, intrusive, interrupting and disappointing.

I came to this website 1 month ago thinking that I've finally found a live broadcaste of wildlife in nature where I can find peace, tranquility and the beauty of Africa.

Well no more.

The sudden burst of loud advertisement music not only forces me to stop what I'm doing, but also drives me at time to simply close the browser.

I recognize that the website needs funding and that online video advertisements are probably very profitable.

But please do consider the potential impact that the ads would have on the viewers.

If you don't understand or believe what I'm saying.

Just leave the video on for a few hours and you'll find out.

Please, stop the advertisement bombardment.

It is hurting your viewers and it will hurt your popularity.

Please don't soil the beauty of Africa with the petty advertisements.

It's not worth it.




spinx (not verified)
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ads are killing this site !

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But yeah about 15 minutes then you get the ad. I think the worst part about it is that the ad has nothing to do with the content of the site. I wouldn't mind so much if there was an appropriate ad. An ad that starts out with nature sounds say an advertisement for a Tour Company or a Wildlife organisation.

I would pay to get the site ad free though as in this case interruption-free cam is so important...

marcel01 (not verified)
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Safari Jules wrote:

The adverts should go as they completely ruin the wildlife viewing experience!


Well, I don't know how Africam should be run without ads. I don't mind them as they are what makes us able to watch african wildlife live.


And thanks very much for the explanation Africam! Smiling

Niv00 (not verified)
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Okay, that made me interested in Africam again. I will give it another shot. Thanks for the effort in dealing with this problem. Your reply was much valued. Thanks.

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Joined: Jul 22 2007

Thank you Africam for the explanation and for trying your best to sort out our complaints.

 I for one very much appreciate that, and also appreciate the fact the the cost of streaming in SA is very high, and that you need the ads to keep the cams going for our enjoyment.


So thank you again for the cams I enjoy so much




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Hi All,

To address these issues.

Firstly this is not what we intend to happen at all. This ad was run by one of the ad networks WITHOUT our permission & we are investigating. This has happened a few times before as well so we will be taking a harsh view of the situation. We try to be vigilant to stamp this abuse out as soon as we become aware of it but are not always quick enough. Sometimes these ads are launched while we are asleep this side of the world & only find out the next morning.

Of course at that time the US (where most of our ad networks reside) is asleep so we have that challenge as well.

the way these ads should work is as follows

- Pre roll ads for not longer than 30 seconds when the stream starts up & repeated every 20 minutes. They would take over the complete screen for that period

- Overlays ads that start pretty soon after the stream starts and refreshed every 2 minutes (called a slot). These ads should not take more than the bottom 15 mm of the screen & you should be able to close them, easily. We will in all likelyhood adjust the ad to run for 30 seconds only of every 2 minute slot.

- Most ads are georaphically targeted, so not everyone will see the same one.

- We also have normal display ads that are outside of the video/stream player

If those parameters are different for you we would appreciate you informing us ASAP at , noting your country of origin, type of ad (pre roll, overlay or display) & the name of the advertiser

To address the stationary cam issue - this happenes when the manager at Nkorho goes away and forgets to tell us about that. We will be addressing this issue so that we can have the camera continually (wo)manned Smiling

Please bear with us, we have many challenges and have very limited resources - magic we can do, its the impossible that takes just a little longer Smiling





Africam Drupal Admin Test of Change

DCohanna (not verified)
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Many of us have difficulties enough, just keeping the internet active, so to have to pay for a site with a stationary camera, just to avoid commercials, would be rediculous. I will just keep the chat, and not watch the waterhole, or listen.  I will watch the live safari (meaning journey) , on the site you will not let us mention, instead of the still camera, here.

DCohanna (not verified)
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I use headphones so I can hear the animal sounds more clearly,

then it blasts the ad for that movie and kills me.  Please, at least limit the volume on the ads.

It is bad enough that they jump in, and lock the volume control on the site, but to have it

blast soooo loudly is unacceptable.

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As you may (or may not) know, the admin at Africam has been listening and is currently taking a poll on whether you are interested in an ad free subscription.  Please follow the link below to voice your opinion.



Mavis   My Blog     I always start my Africam day at the Recent Posts Page to see what has happened since I left.    Finally - Africam Gear from the Africam Store - find it here

Safari Jules (not verified)
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I totally agree with everything you've said, Niv!  The adverts should go as they completely ruin the wildlife viewing experience!  I've said as much on another Africam forum.  I want to feel I can escape from the commercial world we all have to endure these days - Africam gave me that opportunity - until now!  Get rid of the ads please!!!

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