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Africademy Awards

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Africademy Awards

In conjunction with its 1 year anniversary of live streaming video, Africam is proud to present the first annual Africademy Awards. This particular contest will be set up to honor the creative films and photos that our members have been contributing to our community over the past year. Here is how it's going to work.

In this Africademy Awards forum we will have a separate thread for each of the categories being presented. We need all of our members to think about each individual category and what it is rewarding. If a member finds a film or photo that is perfect for one of these categories, they simply need to nominate it by creating a post in that thread.

Nomination Posts Need:

1. Title of the film or photo.
2. Who created or submitted it.
3. The link to the film or photo so everyone can view it before voting.

The nomination phase will end on September 20th. At this point, the nomination threads will be accompanied by large polls listing all the nominees for each category. Members must then vote for no less than one and no more than five films or photos in each category.

On September 25th the initial polling phase will be closed. Once these results are tallied a final poll will be released on the 27th showing the top 5 vote getters in each category. Each member will vote in this poll for the outright winner in each category.

The results will be tallied and announced on October 1st.

Here is a list of the Africademy Awards being presented. A description of each award will be given in each category thread.

1. Best Picture
2. Best Director
3. Best Editing
4. Best Musical Score
5. Best Comedic Actor
6. Best Dramatic Actor
7. Best Individual Wildlife Sighting
8. Best Still Photo Captured
9. Best Author

Nominations will be accepted from now up until September 20th. There is still plenty of time for all of the Bomites to get creative and start making new Africam films. If you think you have a great film or photo to your credit, of course you can nominate yourself. We are very impressed by what you have done so far, and can't wait to see what you will come up with next.