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Africademy Awards

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Africademy Awards

Is there going to be another one?

Iceage (not verified)
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Oops i was to fast.. we just talked about it in the chat.. i posted here a new topic and after posting i saw this topic.

YES i would love to have another one for 2008.

( maybe some of the rules can be changed). For instance each member only may nominate a maximum of 5 Picture's and 5 video's.

last year there were so many many nominations ( which is cool!) But also some members nominated more as 30 to 40 picture's thats a LOT, so it took a long long time to look at every picture that was nominated by members.

If we do a restriction that each member only can place 1 nomination post with 5 ( ore 3 ? ) pictures.. i hope that also then that people are really taking time to think about what picture's they are gooing to nominate. (and not random nominate heaps of picture's in many postings).

maybe also an idea is that people are not allowed to nominate themselves?

But Yes I hope we have an africam 2008 award event!.

And the price for the winners should be a plane ticket and 10 days staying at Nkorho Lodge WinkLaughingWink ( Joking )

Be Safe and Take Care.







shelbelle33 (not verified)
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I wouldlove to the last time i had not started to record live stream and now I cam and would love to have a go.

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Joined: Jan 15 2008

I would love to see it.  I wasn't around the bama for last years competition, but know that there are several people here that do take some fantastic videos and use their artistic talents for great editing and musical backgrounds to enhance the enjoyment.  If you all can keep the cams up and in focus there are many cammers around to capture the great sightings you provide that give us viewers added enjoyment. 


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Joined: Apr 23 2007

Good suggestion - Whats the appetite like out there?


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