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Africam Birding Day - Saturday 1 March 2008

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Africam Birding Day - Saturday 1 March 2008

Saturday 1 March 2008

Africam Birding Day

on Nkorho Streaming Cam


Keep your bird-books ready, your eyes and ears pealed, and help us ID as many birds as possible

The cam operators of Nkorho Cam will pay special attention to birds that day starting from 5.30 am CAT time.

For a little help with identifying the birdsounds, you can visit Sounds of Nkorho

Happy Birding !!!!



Lady in Michigan (not verified)
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If this is where we are posting, I hear a pearl spotted owlet.

Swift (not verified)
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Hi All Birders Eye-wink

Did prepare myself by listening to the Kruger Park Birds CD and all the Nkorho recordings. Also the list from last time (nov 2006) I looked at. So all there is to do is done, but......

The last 2 days my health is not that well Sad

To be up at 4.30 am, or staying up till (more like me, the nightowl) is not the thing to try right now.

So to all

A Very Good Morning Song Made By Many Birds

Will read about it later.



karen-inVA (not verified)
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Happy Birding Day folks!

here's hoping you get to see lots and lots of goodies and even some new ones. :) 

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It's almost time....

I'd better go and listen to Sounds of Nkorho Birds



Lady in Michigan (not verified)
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This will be so much fun !  We had a good time last year on our birding days.  Thanks Sabine for the list of calls !! Smile

smalldog (not verified)
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I have to study hard.  for Fiery Necked Nightjar, I hear "Here Comes the Bride" and for Cape Turtle Dove, I hear "Good mor-ning, good mor-ning."

What are the specifics this year please?  What time will the Birding Zooming begin with Karin?  Will there be a separate Birding Day thread for postings and camera pics?

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Calling all Birders! 

Does anyone need a helping hand

with identifying all those different tweets?  Here's a simple guide that might make things a little easier.

cape turtle dove - work harder, work harder

chin spot batis - three blind mice

diederik cuckcoo - dee dee diederik

fiery-necked nightjar - god deliver us

orange-breasted bushshrike - coffee, tea or me

hoopoe - hoop hoop

burchell's coucal - emptying bottle (gluck, gluck, gluck...)

white bellied sunbird - chuee chuee chuee trrrrrrrrrrrr

fork tailed drongo - photocamera shutter

crested barbet - long trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (ticking like)

tawny flanked prinia - sksksksksksk skkkkkkk

woodland kingfisher - tee trillllllllllllllllllll

grey-headed bushshrike - ghost bird (haunting sound - squeaking gate)

scops owl - proop, proop...

pearl-spotted owlet - whistling kettle

brubru - long repetitive tweet, tweet, tweet......

grey go-away bird (grey lourie) - kweh-h-h-h or g'way

please help if someone has better descriptions or more to add! 

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