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24 WILD-April 16.2013

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24 WILD-April 16.2013

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Thank you for your response

Thank you for your response Phantomant, he has been gone a week and a half, hopefully he is just away doing  wildiebeasties business and will be back soon!    Smile

Your 24 hr recaps are amazing, keep up the great work, you all at Africam are awesome. 

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I am sure he is around

I am sure he is around somewhere, he does tend to disapear for a day or so, I will look out for him and give him the recognition he deserves, hopefully he is aware the lions could get him and takes the necessary precautions.

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What a wonderful day at the

What a wonderful day at the waterholes, so serene in your recap, hard to get better than that.   Smile

I am really missing the resident wildie tho, I sense a big hole in the landscape at Tembe, did he perhaps let his guard down last week while the lions visited a couple days? Or has he wandered off in search of a mate perhaps? Seems like the timid Nyalas miss him too when they come out in the morning (their barometer on safety!).

Come back Teddie, we miss you!!

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