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Africam FAQ: "How Can I Tell if The Live Cams Are Working?"

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Africam FAQ: "How Can I Tell if The Live Cams Are Working?"

It's easy - Just check the "Current Cam Status"

Summertime in South Africa is a big challenge for us technically, as we try to keep our live safari cameras up and running 24/7. This is partly because it's the rainy season and as a result the "Stormy" season as well. The process of sending the live wildlife video and sound from the game reserve all the way to your computer can be tricky, and a lot can go wrong. We try to keep the cams up and running 24 hours a day but inevitably they will have problems from time to time. We try to get them fixed immediately, but can't always do so.

In order to help you know if the cameras are working or not, we have a "Current Cam Status" widget on every single page of the website. Yep, even this one. It's over there >>> in the right hand column, have a look. This is updated in real time, so  you have a quick way of knowing what the status is of our cameras at any given moment. As always, we will try and keep all the cams running all the time, but just in case things go wrong make sure you get into the habit of checking out the "Current Cam Status".

Up: Means camera is working

Dn: Means camera has technical difficulties

OL: Means the camera is offline (most likely out of season)

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Thank you for sharing the

Thank you for sharing the live cams. Piloter une aston martin et faite un stage de pilotage sur le circuit nogaro paul armagnac. Rendez vous au volant de la formule 1 !

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