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Africam Merchandise

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Africam Merchandise

Not sure if Africam has a store or not....but wanted to bring something to your attention. I have used this site in the past for T-shirts, mugs, mousepads, frisbees, etc. Cafe Press:

They have a simple setup to get your store going and you can choose what you want to sell and what price (beyond a minimum). They are a bit pricey...but the quality is generally pretty good. If you don't want to make any just set the minimum price. All you have to do is upload a logo or image, decide what you want to have in your store, and they do the rest.

I never sold anything at a profit....but rather just a place for my members to get a shirt or something with my site logo. If you set it for profit...they send you check periodically. I know some folks here would love to have an Africam T-shirt or coffee mug.... Eye-wink

Apologies if this has been mentioned before....

maxx (not verified)
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Cafe Press has made alot of changes since I first used them. I still have an account and store...but I don't even know where it is anymore....LOL

However...under the old could only upload one or two images. Basically your site logo. I think they have changed that, though and you can get different images on different things. If Africam wants to go this route....they would have to look into the details. The main point is that you don't have to spend money up front. Unless you go for some premium account or something, I believe the store setup is still free. If nobody buys lost nothing. The items aren't manufactured until they are there is no overhead and stock to worry about. Also...they handle shipping.

Many people....even those without a website or organization...will open up a store just to have shirts and stuff made for themselves and family. You can sell to yourself and get a discount. Pricey...but easy way to get any image you want on something.

Lady in Michigan (not verified)
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I would like a few t-shirts...with pics of different critters on them. Maybe a sweatshirt also. And a coffee mug...maybe a tote bag.  I don't want much do I?  Smile

Gerda (not verified)
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it's a great idea Maxx.

We used to have this on the old africam site too;

would be nice to have it back, I want a  coffee-mug with a whoohooper Eye-wink


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