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Africam Store

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Africam Store

I mentioned this a long time ago...but wanted to bring it up again. I think Africam should open an online store like those offered by Cafepress

Stores like this don't require any or very little outlay of money (depending on which program you choose). You just upload the image you want on your merchandise...then select those items you would like to sell and name your price. Cafepress takes a minimum price ammount that covers the cost of making the item, shipping and their profit...and you get the rest. Nothing gets made until it is ordered and paid no overhead. This way is a bit more pricey for buyers....but I wouldn't mind paying a bit more for a coffee mug or mousepad with an Africam logo and have part of the purchase price go to sustaining Africam. I think you would find that this way of generating revenue would be more successful than the donation system.

Once you set up shop is basically maintanance free. Cafepress simply sends you some money every so often when purchases are made. Now Cafepress is US based, but I am pretty sure they ship internationally and I am also sure there are other similar services somewhere too. I only use Cafepress as an example because I have had experience with them.