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Africam Wild Spotters Test

We know that many of you spend a lot of time in the bush. Whether you're on vacation in Africa or call it your home, chances are you have seen your fair share of wildlife. Well, we want to know all about your African wildlife sightings. Send in your best wildlife photos and you might be crowned Africam Wild Spotter of The Week or have your materials used in Africam Features. Now's the time to share your experience with the rest of the Africam community, and here's how:


1. When you're out in the bush and you experience a great sighting, snap a pic of it.

2. Sign onto Africam and make your way to

3. Upload your photo/photos and then tell us about it. We want to know details of the animal, location and date. You can also add info about yourself, and a little story about the sighting if you want to.

That's it! Then we will go through all the uploaded sightings and feature the best ones on Africam. It's time to dust off the cameras and start snapping. Who knows, your pics might be the next big feature on Africam.com.

(Not planning on going on Safari anytime soon, but you did in the past? That's no problem. Upload photos from your old safaris too. Great wildlife sightings are timeless.)