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Africam Xtra #2

Nkorho Becoming The Home of The Wild Dogs
One of the best wild dog sightings we ever had was back in October of 2010. If you weren't around then, you missed it or just want to experience it all over again hit the link.

That Rain Dance Worked a Little Too Well - Timbavati Tales #2

"I jokingly mentioned that I was sure that our camp dam was still probably bone dry, as it hadn’t filled up for seven years.  I was a touch wrong." FLOOD PICS

NASA's Version of Africam Is A Bit Higher Than Ours

This video of the International Space Station flying over Southern Africa during a recent storm is not sci-fi special effects from the latest blockbuster, it's even better.
Why Do Zebras have Stripes? Scientists May Have Found The Answer

A new theory has emerged as to why zebras have black and white stripes, hit the link to read about it.