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Africam YouTube Group: AfricamWild

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Africam YouTube Group: AfricamWild

We have been so impressed by all of the video captures and Africam movies that you've created, that we have set up a YouTube Group to house them all called "AfricamWild". We encourage all of our Africam wildlife film directors to join the group and link their videos to it. That way we can get as many of your Africam sightings and movies all linked together, and more people will be able to enjoy them.

Check out the group HERE

Check out our channel HERE

Check out our YouTube Player HERE

Happy Movie Making!


Scatron (not verified)
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I hope this was okay but I just added my first ever Africam video (just slides) to the group on YouTube.

Gerda (not verified)
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I just found the new AfricamWild YouTube Player !

That is a great addition ! Thanks Africam !




Auntie Lyn (not verified)
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Thank you Mac for the heads up on this. It'll be great to see all the video in one place. I have over 500 video on youTube, most of which are from Nkorho. But lately between the choppiness of the feed and the slowness and difficulty posting to the boma, trying to get video captured and then getting it posted is a lesson in patience... Smiling

Aquila (not verified)
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Thank you MacMac! The stream has been so choppy lately some of us that make videos haven't been able to. Hopefully soon the problem will be resolved and we'll be able to add many new videos to AfricamWild!

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