Naledi and Nkorho Cams down. Tembe Cam has no audio. We are working on solutions.

Africam Badge

Add an Africam Badge To Your Site

Africam Badge
Just copy and paste the code below in your banner space on your website.

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To tell you the truth Kiki,

To tell you the truth Kiki, I couldn't figure out how or where to put it on FB either - but I did put it on my blog.  If someone does have an answer for FB, please add it here.

Oh and welcome to Africam Kiki.  Please join us in the daily threads in the Boma where we talk about the sights and sounds at the waterholes.

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How do I add the badges to

How do I add the badges to my facebook? Were do I paste the code?


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="125"><a href=""><img alt="Africam Badge" src="" border="0" height="125" width</a>

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It works fine ...My blog

It works fine ...My blog proudly has the badge now!!!! If it is the first I'm double proud...

Thank you ...for giving us the chance to tell everyone we are Africam's lovers Smile

...only I would like to see the cams to work properly ...Wink

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