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Africam for Bushbabies

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Africam for Bushbabies

Since you are receiving this newsletter, I am sure you have been watching the cams for some time. But have you posted in the forums or boma?

Posting is kind of scary for the first time since you don't know anyone and no one knows you. The thing is that you can be anonomous. You do not have to use your real name - ever, if you do not want to. You do need to use a valid e-mail address, but you have already done that to receive the newsletter. It has been a long time since I originally registered, so to write this, I logged out and began a new registration. This way I can walk you through it as I do it myself.

You start at Africam's main page at On the left hand side, near the top beside the Welcome to Africam there are links to 'Login'/'Register'/'Lost Password?', so click on Register. That takes you to Create New Account. Make up a username - it can be anything you want - some people use their pet's name, some use their street name, some use their favourite animal and some even use your real name. Then, put in your e-mail address and make sure you have it right. Next, it asks for your name and approximate year of birth. Then it has tick boxes for newsletter subscriptions, one is the Boma, which of course you want and the other is a test, which you probably do not want, so make sure Boma is checked. If you want to receive any e-mails in text instead of html (ones with pictures), you must also check the next one asking to receive emails in text format.

If you are ok with pictures in your email, just leave that unchecked. Then read through the conditions and click to check that you accept them. Click on Create new account. You will receive an email with your user name and a password along with a link to log in. You can change your password once you are logged in and go to 'My Account' which you will find at the same place you originally found the Login/Register/Lost Password. You will also receive an email with link to a private message, welcoming you to the Boma with lots of information and links to follow. Whew, you have taken the first step and are now a registered member of The Boma!

Congratulations. Next time - Making that First Post