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Africam for Bushbabies 2

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Africam for Bushbabies 2

You have joined the forum and spent a little time looking around the topics available.

There is a lot of information in the forum topics.  Please take the time to read the sticky posts at the top of each forum as they are marked sticky to make them stand out as noteworthy information. They include the rules on posting so hopefully you will then know if you want to start a new thread or reply to one that is already started

One of the first sections of the forum is called Welcome to Africam and the Africam Boma. Inside there you will find Africam Boma Guidelines and rules - the How to's and Useful Links, Africam Sightings Database,and Announcements.

Read the posts in each of those sections. You will find the Africam Wiki in the How to's and Useful Links.  The Africam Wiki will help you understand what the regulars are talking about in the daily forums - the Campfire and the Wateringhole.  It is an alphabetical listing of common terms used.  Also in the How to's and Useful Links, you will find How to Resize Pictures on the Forum, How to Post Links in the Forum, Useful Links, How to Solve Registration Problems and How to Post/Delete Pictures and Quotes.

What I am saying is please do not rush into making your first post.  If you post in the wrong section, start a new thread when you should reply to an existing thread, post a picture that is too large or any of several different problems, you may find that your post is deleted or moved to another more appropriate location.  There will be a message saying what happened to it though.

There is more to read in the next section Technical Issues and Suggestions and then following that is the General Chit Chat Forum.  This is one of the places where newbies (bushbabies) are invited to make their first post and introduce themselves. In this section, you are encouraged to make a new topic and each new poster will have their own thread.  You can also reply to other posters threads as well and may make some friends.

So - in the General Chit Chat Forum, click on New to  Boma? After reading the stickies at the top and some of the other introductions to see what people are saying, you can then click on New Topic.

Give your topic a Subject - It can be short like "Hi" or "Hi from (your country)" or "my first post" or whatever you like.  Then click on the body of the message and start typing. Tell everyone a little bit about you and why you are here.  You can make changes to the font size and colour, you can use smilies and you can use pictures (if you have first read and follow the instructions on posting pictures).  Or - you can just make it simple, and post your intro.

You can find my first post entered under the new name that I just registered HERE along with any replies to this post.

Now you know how easy it is to post.  It is ok to make a mistake.  Mistakes are easily corrected by one of the moderators.  You can find the list of mods in the Announcements forum, which is in the Welcome to Africam and the Africam Boma section. 

Next - posting in the daily theads.