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Africam for Bushbabies 3

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Africam for Bushbabies 3

I hope you tried posting in the "New To Boma" thread to introduce yourself and start to get a feel for the forum.

As I said at the end of the last installment, this issue will get you started posting in the daily threads.  The difference here is that you won't be a newbie because it is going to be a whole new forum created for the daily chats.  Everyone will be a newbie!  Smiling

Starting very soon, the Campfire and the Watering Hole will be combined into The Boma.  This is a great opportunity to jump right in and get to know the regulars from both forums all in the same location.

You will find The Boma HERE in the General Chit Chat Forum.

In this forum, you do not start a new topic unless you are scheduled to start one at the beginning of a new day.  Each day at midnight Central African Time (CAT) a new topic is started by the person signed up to do it for that day.

To post in the topic, you click on the REPLY button located at the bottom near the right hand side.  If you want to quote from this post, you would click on the QUOTE button instead of the REPLY button.  If you are replying as a quote you will see the text of the quoted post - please be sure your reply is typed after the final /quote in brackets.

Wait until your page fully loads before typing your post.  At first you will get a white box, but wait a bit longer until you have the black box with all the editing buttons visible.

Type whatever it is that you want to say - an intro, similar to the one you made in the New to Boma forum - or jump right in with whatever you are seeing on one of the cams - or just say hi.

If this is a busy time on the forum, you will have quite a few people replying to your post and will soon be replying back and getting to know the people online at that time.

Have some fun!