Launches Online Store - Get Your Official Africam Gear

Africam's picture Launches Online Store - Get Your Official Africam Gear

For years we have been getting emails and requests for merchandise, especially t-shirts. In response to this popular demand we are pleased to announce the launch of the Online Store.

We've wanted to do this for a very long time but also wanted to make sure it was done right and with a wide selection of merchandise. The initial launch offers a large range of products from men's, women's and kid's apparel to gear like mugs, mousepads and tote bags. So check out the new store HERE and make your wardrobe a little bit wilder.

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Great idea. A bit expensive

Great idea. A bit expensive if I ordered with delivery in South Africa? I would love to get a T-shirt but the costs are a bit above my budget! Take the exchange rate at R9-00 to the dollar and a T-shirt will cost you R270.00 + delivery charges!!!???? I think not.

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Oh how wonderful....I love

Oh how wonderful....I love it, can't wait to go shopping and support Africam...Thank you!!!!

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