To Broadcast Live Birth of Cheetah Cubs

Africam's picture To Broadcast Live Birth of Cheetah Cubs

In just a few days we will be launching a brand new live streaming camera called "A Cheetah Cub's Tail". This 24/7 channel will follow the lives of a litter of cheetah cubs at the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) from their birth to their hopeful re-introduction into the wild. Our first time mother to be Salome (which means peace) is currently in the HESC maternity ward and is expected to give birth at the end of this month. Check out the official launch trailer of our new camera below:

Over the next few days we will be revealing a lot more details about this new project, some background info on the mother cheetah and of course launching the live channel. So stay tuned, and keep your eye on Twitter and Facebook for real time updates.

Want to know when the cheetah cub birth is about to happen?


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That's great news! Thanks!

That's great news!


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Thanks for all the amazing

Thanks for all the amazing opportunities to see wildlife at its best.  Cannot wait for the cameras to be up and running. Why cant the cameras go on now?  Lets get to know Salome before the birth of her cubs.  Come on Africam, lets see her before the birth.




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What a joy it is to watch

What a joy it is to watch these animals.  All of them on live streaming.  How grateful I am, as the gentleman before commented, there are no words, for the length and depth of what people will go to in connecting with these wonderful animals.  It's something to look forward to thank you for providing it.

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I have not words that

I have not words that express my gratitude for this new initiative. Thank you VERY much. Best regards

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Oh my gosh, how

Oh my gosh, how exciting....babies are so cute and to watch this amazing birth is such a treat!!!!  My prayers and wishes for happy - healthy cubs and mama too!  Thanks Africam Laughing

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I am so glad you have

I am so glad you have announced this. I cannot wait, babies yes!! Keeping a secret was killing meWink

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