Lights are not working on the Tembe cam. - we are working on the problem. To Start Broadcasting LIVE Smells

Africam's picture To Start Broadcasting LIVE Smells

Known for it's LIVE Streaming African Safari webcams, is taking their  website to a new level by streaming LIVE smells over the internet.

"We just feel that it's the next logical step in the evolution of the immersive experience. Right now you can see Africa, and hear Africa - why not smell it as well", an Africam representative stated.

The new interface Africam will be rolling out is basically a mask that plugs into a usb port. Smell sensors determine exactly what a user should be smelling at Africam's various waterholes, send that info over the net and then recreate it inside the mask for all to enjoy. Users can expect to smell everything wild Africa has to offer from flora fauna and dung to the animals themselves.

"We really hope this catches on and truly believe this new innovation smells like the future!"


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Evil April 1st  but when

Evil April 1st Tongue out but when you think about it, it actually could be possible...

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Smellavision....Total emersion with the cams. LOL



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Good One, LOL

Good One, LOL

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Bwaaahaaa - too funny

Bwaaahaaa - too funny Wink

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Thanks for my morning

Thanks for my morning smile  Laughing

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LOL, big smile here! Thanks

LOL, big smile here! Thanks for this innovation on April 1rst!


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LOL wonder what a hyena

LOL wonder what a hyena would smell like?! and would i want to know? hahaha

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I  smell  that this 

I  smell  that this  information  doesn't smell good

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loooooooooool  I just

loooooooooool  I just because you have a user Treff drauf maintained power with you at the lodge Laughing out loud

The nights are free of charge check Nelspruid airport and from there to get us someone from LOL

rofl Laughing out loud

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You Stinkers!!

You Stinkers!!


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