Naledi and Nkorho Cams down. Tembe Cam has no audio. We are working on solutions.

Africam Converting to Flash Video

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Africam Converting to Flash Video

Greetings Africam Members,

As you have seen over the last few weeks we have been updating our site and converting our live streaming cams to Adobe Flash video as well as adding our new camera "Flamingo Island" which is also in Flash.

We are still experiencing a few techincal glitches but are addressing them all as quickly as we can. Today, we have been working on the actual video output itself, and you should see a nice improvement in quality.

Please feel free to keep letting us know if you are having technical problems and we will try and sort all of them out as quickly as we can.

You can post the technical issues in the forum topic below.

Flash Media Conversion of LIVE Streaming Cameras

Enjoy the Cams!

-The Africam Team



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