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Africam Donations

Thank you for pushing the donate button and supporting the and Wildlife Act initiative. want to use the power of LIVE video to bring awareness of the plight of the Rhino and what organizations like the Wildlife Act are doing to combat this. With the proper awareness, research,education and funding we can turn the tide on poaching.

Your donations can make a profound impact

A donation can help with the research and development of new anti poaching methods, purchase new visual and audio equipment, the computer systems and networks required to run cameras, transmitters, and countless other technical necessities.  This will allow us to give the necessary conservation and anti poaching projects the world wide exposure it needs to make a profound difference. With enough public support and awareness of what is happening with the Rhino poaching we can stop this and make sure that generations to come can enjoy them.

We appreciate any donation and with your help we can keep on seeing the rhino's live on

You can make a donation by using Pay Pal’s safe and secure online payment system located below. If you do not have a Pay Pal account but still wish to donate, alternative payment options are also listed below.

Thank You - It will make a difference

Alternative payment methods:
South Africa Africam ABSA Bank Nelspruit Johannesburg Account number: 4064474146 Branch or Sort code: 632005 Swift code: ABSAZAJJ