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Africam Interview - Campbell Scott

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Africam Interview - Campbell Scott

1 - What was your motivation in starting Africam up again, because you must have known how daring a venture it was?

Well I think a certain part of Africam is its ability to keep on moving no matter what adversities you throw at it. It really is resilient. I have also seen the value of Africam and the impact it has made on other business from Djuma Game Reserve in the beginning and now with our cam partners, Nkorho and Elephant Plains. I also can’t resist a good challenge!

2 - Have you been a ranger and what is your biggest interest in the field, ie. are you a birder or what?

Yes, my interests have changed over the years, or perhaps expanded is a better word, but I am particularly interested in systems and how things work and influence each other. We all know how the moon influences the tides and the tides influence various animals feeding and breeding cycles.  Well there are lots of such influences in nature and our own lives and some are more obvious than others.

3 - What was your most memorable wildlife sighting(s)?

This will have to be following a pack of wilddogs on a motorbike while they where hunting. I was fortunate enough to live near a pack that denned close to my house each year for four years in a row. This was not far from where Nkorho pan is today. I have fond memories from the time I spent with these animals

4 - Is there anything you would like to say to the loyal africam viewers?

Africam was and is a direct result of its large viewership but in particular without our loyal Africammers who have contributed so much we would not be where we are today, so thanks to the viewers and happy camming!