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Africam Recap 8-14-10

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Africam Recap 8-14-10

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This weeks recap....i tried something a bit different....tell me what you think

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I enjoyed it very much. Nice

I enjoyed it very much. Nice to see so many animals in one video.

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Great photos and really

Great photos and really liked the format. I do so appreciate Africam and the work you put in.

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I spend hours watching the

I spend hours watching the animals and I love the recaps. You are 7 hours ahead of us here in Louisiana, USA and I love staying up until 11 or 12 PM so I can watch your day dawning.  I especially like watching it at the Tembe Park.  My children say I need to get a life, but since I will never be able to travel to Africa to see it first hand this is the best I can do and I love it.  I may never have found this site of someone hadn't sent me  the Boma Chat e-mail,  keep up the good work

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Excellent for the people

Excellent for the people that have no idea what the names of all these different animals are I and We thank You. Great Job!

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Fani, I will deffinatly add

Fani, I will deffinatly add some birds...thats one thing i dont add to much and i should.

Nick Griffin

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Good work Nick ...Next week

Good work Nick ...Next week I hope to see more birds among the sightings Smile

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some one got powerpoint i

some one got powerpoint i thought it was very nice it was nice to see

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I thinking that you did a

I thinking that you did a fantastic job!!  It was great to have the animal names fo folks like me who do not know the names of some of these animals.  Keep up the good work.

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I loved it; really enjoyed

I loved it; really enjoyed the format.

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