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Africam's New LIVE Camera Location Is Our BIGGEST Yet: This Is Idube

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Africam's New LIVE Camera Location Is Our BIGGEST Yet: This Is Idube

Africam is pleased to announce the launch of their newest (and largest) LIVE safari location channel yet - This is Idube.

Idube Game Reserve is a safari lodge situated in the Sabi Sand Reserve, in the heart of South Africa’s premier wildlife conservation area of the Greater Kruger Park. The LIVE camera itself is positioned at Scotia Dam and provides not only an abundance of african wildlife but also a vast and tranquil viewing experience with its panoramic vista and dynamic stereo sound.

The first thing you need to know about our new Idube location is that it's BIG. Really big. The camera covers a huge distance of the surrounding area. The dam itself is 128 metres (139 yards) across at its widest point!

In order to capture the entire area we mounted the camera to a gum pole in a very strategic location. This spot provides a 358 degree (the pole blocks about 2 degrees) view of the whole region. You really get a feel of the massive sprawling landscape of the african bush with this setup, and the 16:9 ratio of the video lends itself to this as well.

Another thing you might notice about Idube is the superior sound quality. Our expert sound team has given the viewer the abilty to feel the distance of the area with a truly long range audio setup. The goal was to make the sound emulate what a person might hear if they were standing there looking over the dam themselves.

Of course we can't foget about the animals. You can expect to see the BIG 5 on Idube including massive herds of elephant enjoying the large body of water, and of course plains game from giraffe to zebra. Another character you might see enjoying the dam is Idube's resident hippo. He comes and goes but can often be seen lounging in the water.

We are extremely excited about the launch of this channel, and we hope its size, beauty and wildlife will provide hours of viewing enjoyment for our entire community. So what are you waiting for? Hit this link - IDUBE: LIVE CAMERA WATCH NOW