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Africam Wiki

Africam Wiki



  • AA - africam addict - jokingly said about someone who often comes to chat on africam.
  • Africam Badge - if you want to add an africam badge to your blog, look here
  • Africammer - someone with a passion for wildlife, who loves to watch and discuss the cams in company of other africammers. Frequently seen on the boma.
  • Africam User Guide - a beginner's guide to the africam forum, click here


  • Bab, babs (plural) - baboon(s)
  • Barry's Branch - treestump standing upright in the waterhole at EP
  • Bart- nickname given to the elephant skull seen on Nkorho.
  • bbl - be back later
  • Big 5 - Buffalo, elephant, lion, leopard, rhino
  • Big tusker - elephant with large tusks more than 45.45 kg/100 lbs
  • Birds database - birds seen on the cams, click here
  • Blogs - where to find our blogs click here, or how to make a blog on the forum, click here
  • Bokkie - an afrikaans word for an unidentified smaller antelope.
  • Boma - A boma is a livestock enclosure typically made of large sticks. The lodges sometimes use them as protected areas for gathering. Our "boma" is a friendly gathering place where like-minded people come together to discuss the sights & sounds on Africam, share cameraderie and often times build lasting friendships.
  • Boma Babbles, Africam's monthly newsletter which you receive when you are registered to Africam or you can subscribe to it by either  clicking here or via My Account - My Newsletters. Previous editions can be looked into when you click here
  • Bomite - see Africammer
  • Braai - (pronounced bry like in cry) it's a Afrikaans word for barbecue
  • brb - be right back
  • Buff(s) - buffalo(s)
  • Buffalo - buffalos seen on NK and EP are Cape buffalos - Syncerus caffer, shangaan name - nyathi/nyari, collective name - obstinacy, herd, troop, gang
  • Buffering - term used when picture freezes and streaming video stops, you will see the spinning wheel in the center of the image.
  • Burchell's zebra - Equus burchellii: : shangaan name - idube/mangwa, collective names - harem, dazzle
  • Bush braai - at some lodges guests are treated to a bush braai/barbecue. By sunset they are taken to a clearing in the middle of a open area in the bush, away from the lodge. A location like that is chosen for safety reasons. In the middle of the clearing is an open fire and the guests sit in a semi circle around it to eat.


  • cam - shortened word referring to the webcams
  • cam info - combined info on all our cams, click here
  • CAT - Central African Time
  • cheetah - Acinonyx jubatus: shangaan name - khankankha, collective name - coalition
  • cheetahs tears - the "tear lines" on a cheetah's face is to protect the cheetah's eyes from the harsh sun, especially when it is in a hunting chase. A cheetah is said to see long distances, which can be as far as 5 km.
  • Communication tower - tall tower/pole seen near the lodge at NK. It's height is about 75m /83 yards /246 feet. So far only a pied crow has nested on it.
  • critter -unidentified animal


  • Dagga boys - they are old bulls that do not belong to a herd anymore. They form small herds of just a few animals. Dagga means mud and these buffalo like to wallow in mud for extended periods. Mud protects them from insects.
  • Databases - for databases of animals, birds and everything else, seen on the cams, click here
  • Directions from Nkorho cam:

Marula tree and the waterhole is west,

Nkorho lodge is south,

Kruger National Park is east

  • Distance between Nkorho lodge and Elephant Plains cams is 12.1 kilometers or 7.5 miles.
  • Distance marula tree (Mike) from cam : 79 meters, or 86 yards, or 260 feet.
  • Dogs of Nkorho - Micka, Milo, Seun, Spot.
  • Dragon, The - log in the pond at EP.
  • Drums heard on cams are calling tourists to come to dinnner.


  • Egyp & Tian - nickname for the egyptian geese.
  • Elephant : collective names - parade, memory, herd, flock, overabundance.
  • Elephant Plains Game Lodge, go to their homepage click here
  • Elephant Plains is 12.1 kilometer or 7.5 miles from Nkorho.
  • Elephant Plains pan is man made and it is filled from a borehole.
  • Elephant Plains pan :

distance from river - 50 meters

distance from lodge - 140 meters

  • Elevation above sea level

NK is about 370m

EP is about 390m

  • Ellie/elly - elephant
  • EP - Elephant Plains, link to homepage click here
  • eta - edited to add
  • Eyrefield/Sparta Pride - read more about this lionpride here



  • Facebook - Join Africam on facebook, click here
  • Fire King - fire hose used on most of the lodges. It's tank holds 800 liters / 211 gallons of water which, depending on the strength the water is squirted, will be empty in 25 - 35 minutes. Refilling it can be done in 1 minute. The length of the hose is 150 meters. For pictures go to Barry's Africam Book (3), click here.
  • Fish database - also database for reptiles, frogs, insects and spiders, click here
  • Florescence - to blossom
  • Freeze, froze, frozen - when the cam is frozen (stuck) it means the end of the world.
  • Frogs database - also database for reptiles, insects, spiders and fish, click here


  • Giraffe - Giraffa camelopardalis : shangaan name - nthutlwa, collective names - journey, herd.
  • Giraffe's tongue - is between 46 - 50 cm or 18-20 inches long.
  • Golf Course Male Lions - read more about these lions here
  • Graveyard pan - A few years ago some very destructive elephants pushed down a lot of trees around the pan. First glance at the pan after the incident gave the impression of a graveyard, hence the name. It is a waterhole 200 meters north east from NK.
  • Guck - nickname given to the Egyptian Geese


  • Hippopotamus - Hippopotamus amphibius : shangaan name - mpfubu, collective names - bloat, crash, loft, herd, raft, thunder.
  • Hippo - hippopotamus
  • How to post links on the forum - look here
  • How to resize pictures on the forum - look here
  • How to start a blog on the forum - look here
  • How to take and post pictures on the forum - look here
  • How to upload videos on the forum - look here
  • Howwa's dragon - name given to the dead tree stump in the waterhole at EP.
  • Hyeana/hyena - see Spotted hyeana


  • ID - identification
  • IDU - Idube Game Reserve. Webcam went live on Africam on 10 October 2012
  • Impala - Aepyceros melampus: shangaan name - mhala, collective name - herd
  • Imp or Impie - impala
  • Induna - elephant or big tusker with the second largest tusks seen on Tembe streaming cam. The name  means "advisor" or "big leader" in Zulu. Induna died in July 2011.
  • Ingwe - leopard (shangaan)
  • Insects database - also database for reptiles, spiders, frogs and fish, click here
  • Isilo - elephant or big tusker with the largest tusks seen on Tembe streaming cam. The name means "king" in Zulu.



  • Jackals : shangaan name - mangawana, SS jackal - sidestriped jackal, BB jackal - blackbacked jackal, collective name - pack
  • Jon Oliver - owner africam - deceased
  • Jordaan's Male - male leopard
  • Just missed it (JMI) club - jokingly said, when you just missed a sighting.



  • Kaalkol -distance from NK lodge is about 500 meters.
  • Karin- manager Nkorho Lodge
  • Karula - female leopard
  • Kudu - Tragelaphus strepsiceros : shangaan name - hlongo
  • Kudu Corner - In the beginning stages of NK that waterhole got it's name. It is situated on the boundaries of Nkorho, Torchwood and the Kruger and it forms a corner. It was very dry that winter and every time the drive went past it, there were kudus at the waterhole. It is 800 meters from NK pan.


  • Landie, landi, landy - open air vehicle used for transporting visitors on game drives. They can carry 10 persons, but at NK they like to keep it to 6 persons per vehicle if possible, for the comfort of the passengers.
  • Leopard - Panthera pardus: shangaan name - ingwe, collective name - leap, lepe
  • Leopard database - leopards seen on the cams, click here
  • Links - how to post links on the forum - look here
  • Lion - Panthera leo: shangaan name - nghala, collective name - pride
  • Lion Prides & Coalitions of the Sabi Sands - click here
  • Lister - water pump heard on NK (sound often heard on tuesdays)
  • Little 5 - Buffalo weaver, elephant shrew, antlion, leopard tortoise, rhino beetle.
  • Logs about mammals and birds seen on the cams, can be found here
  • Londoz - large male rhino with large front horn
  • Lonesome George - lone wildebeest often seen on NK
  • Lowveld - Broad valleys below 1000 m above sea level, the Lowveld is considered to be the "real" Africa. In this low-lying subtropical climate, broad-leaved trees and thorn trees co-exist in relatively open woodland, interspersed with long grass and lots of game. Nkorho, Elephant Plains and Idube are in the lowveld.
  • Lurker - someone reading the forum without actively participating.


  • Mafufunyane - male leopard
  • Magnificent 7 - Big 5 plus cheetah and african wild dog.
  • Majingilane Males - read more about this lionpride here
  • Mammals database - mammals seen on the cams, click here
  • Manyeleti Males - Young - read more about these lion males here
  • Manyeleti river - river near Elephant Plains lodge, meaning "place of the stars".
  • Mapogo coalition/boys - a brotherhood of male lions, read the blog about them here.
  • Matimba - male leopard
  • Microphones on Nkorho - there is one microphone on the cam tree.
  • Microphone on Elephant Plains - about 20 meters away and to the left of the cam when it faces the waterhole.
  • Mike - marula tree, there used to be microphones on the tree, but not anymore.
  • Moderators - members appointed by Africam to help out, composed of volunteers. See who they are, click here
  • Morning parade - when the animals come to the pan to drink in the morning.
  • Morning song - the first bird call of the day to announce the upcoming morning parade.
  • Multi-view - page where you can view multiple Africam cams all on one page instead of having them all in seperate windows, click here


  • Natural pan - visit our Bush school to read all about natural pans, or click here
  • Ncila (N'Chila/Nzila/Inthula) - male leopard with a kink in the lower part of his tail
  • Newbie/ nu-bee - new member. If you are new, introduce yourself here.
  • New day - certain topics are closed daily and a new topic is started at midnight in South Africa (CAT)
  • Newington Male (aka Pink Nose aka Tombele/Tumbela) - male leopard with a pinkish coloured nose
  • Nghala/Ngala (shangaan) - lion
  • NK - Nkorho Bush Lodge, situated about 250m south of the cam, link to homepage click here
  • Nkorho is 12.1 kilometer or 7.5 miles from Elephant Plains
  • Nkorho - means yellow-billed hornbill in Shangaan (local native language), pronunciation - "nn-core-oh"
  • Nkorho cam tree - what's on it? at the bottom is the power supply, the big box above it is the audio and video unit, above that is the cam with a steel roof over it, on the left branch is a IR light with housing and a mic, on the branch on the right is 3 IR lights with housing. For a picture of it, see Kru-kab bowser bc's Africam book, first page.
  • Nkorho pan Is a natural pan, filled from a borehole with pipes via a lister pump
  • Nkuhuma Pride - read more about this lionpride here
  • Ntima - female leopard
  • Nyeleti - female leopard



  • Old Faithfull - nickname given to buffalo skull on NK
  • Owners africam - Paul Penzhorn



  • Pan - a near-level shallow, natural depression or basin, usually containing an intermittent lake, pond, or pool, therefor also called waterhole.
  • Paul Penzhorn -owner africam
  • Peek A Boo - small popup with thumbnails of cams, Nkorho, Elephant Plains and Tembe, quick-link to a cam when animals arrive
  • Pets - do you have a pet at home and you wish to share it with your fellow africammers, look here.
  • pics - referring to the word "pictures" mostly taken from the webcams
  • Pictures on the forum:

how to take and post pictures on the forum, look here

how to resize pictures on the forum, look here

  • Pink Nose (aka Newington Male aka Tombela/Tubela)
  • Polar bear - expression created in chat for when the cam goes to white out after the dawn light starts while the cam is still in the night time settings and lasts till they switch to daylight settings. Jokingly said that polar bears are there then.
  • Porcupine - Hystrix africaeaustralis: collective name - prickle
  • Post - the reply or comment made in a thread
  • PM - private message, on the bottom of every post is a series of buttons, the Write to author button is to send that particular person a personal message.





  • Raffie - giraffe
  • Ranger - Accredited field guides who undergo indepth training at several levels before qualifying to guide in Big Five territory, see FGASA
  • Reboot - it's a computer term for restarting your computer, it boots up all the programs.
  • Reptile database - also database for frogs, insects, spiders and fish, click here
  • Rhinoceros - rhinos seen on EP and NK are white rhinos - Ceratotherium simum , shangaan name for white rhino - mkhumbi, collective names - crash, herd
  • Rion - short for roaring lion
  • Ripape Female - female leopard
  • Roller Coaster/Rollercoaster Males - read more about this lionpride here
  • Roy - young male hippo visiting EP pan regularly



  • Sabi Sands - is a private game reserve adjacent to the Kruger National Park, made up of private game reserves and lodges, like Nkorho Bush Lodge and Elephant Plains Game Lodge. There are no fences between lodges, game reserves and the Kruger National Park and animals can roam freely.
  • Safari - Safari is Swahili (a language spoken in East Africa) for journey. The word has been incorporated into the English language over the past 100 years or so, to mean a hunting trip or a journey to look at wildlife. It is only in recent years that its use has become more common in Southern Africa. (explanation from Landi)
  • Safari - female leopard who is blind in her right eye - deceased
  • Salaxeye - female leopard
  • Saseka - female leopard
  • Sentinel - nickname for an impala male seen on NK which has only one horn, the other is broken off.
  • Shangaan - local native language
  • Sightings log - birds  click here. For previous years, scroll to the bottom of this page.
  • Sightings log - mammals click here. For previous years, scroll to the bottom of this page.
  • Sites - to help all africamers - info compiled by Krukab to help new members, click here
  • Skewy/Wonky - nickname given to an elephant with a deformed tusk and leg; Skewy died February 2009, for more info  click here
  • Snaggletooth -nickname given to a local lioness with a deformed or injured jaw and mouth.
  • Sounds - for the sounds heard on the cams , click here
  • Spiders database - also database for reptiles, frogs, insects and fish, click here
  • Splashin Jackson - name given to the catfish wriggling in the mud at Nkorho pan.
  • Split Rock Males - read more about this lionpride here
  • Spotted hyeana/hyena - Crocuta crocuta :shangaan name - mphisi, also known as whoooper, collective names - clan, cackle
  • Styx Pride - read more about this lionpride here


  • TE - Tembe National Elephant Park
  • Tembe National Elephant Park - "where the world's largest elephants roam wild" for their homepage click here
  • Tembe - a compilation of interesting facts about Tembe National Elephant Park by Krukab, click here
  • Ticker - a line of text scrolling just above the cam windows, announcing a problem with one of the cams.
  • Topic/thread - the start of a subject in the forum, where comments or replies can be made
  • Torchwood - property north of NK
  • Tombela/Tumbela (aka Newingtone Male aka Pink Nose) - male leopard
  • Tracker - person who sits on the little chair on the front of the jeeps, looking for signs of the animals.
  • Tsalala Pride - read more about these lionesses here
  • Tsalala Young Male (Solo) - read more about this lion here
  • Tweeper - a member of africam who watches the cams and sends out alerts/tweeps when animals are spotted.
  • Twitter/tweep - a program used to send out alerts. When an animal is seen on the cams, a tweeper sends out an alert/tweep so everybody who follows africam on Twitter gets the alert. For more info about following africam on Twitter, click here.
  • Tyson - male leopard


  • UMO - unidentified moving object



  • Video - how to upload a video on the forum, look here
  • Video library - all video-clips posted on africam, click here
  • Virtual ranger - an introduction to African wildlife and eco tourism - click here


  • Warthog - Phacochoerus aethiopicus
  • Wartie - warthog
  • Weaver motel - nest of redbilled buffalo weavers at EP
  • WH - waterhole
  • White Cloth -female leopard
  • Whooper - hyeana
  • Wildebeest : shangaan name - hongonyi, seen on cam at NK and EP is the blue wildebeest - Connochaetes taurinus
  • Wildie - wildebeest
  • Windmill Pride - read more about this pride of lions here







  • Zeb/zebbie - zebra
  • Zebra - see Burchell's zebra
  • Zoomie - a person operating the camera


littlewid (not verified)
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Wow, I am so glad I clicked on the wiki, that is amazing, i'm sure it hasn't all sunk in at the first read so am bound to be back.

Thank you to all who put up the info, i'm discovering new things everytime I log in.


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kru-kab bowser b.c. wrote:


From the bottom going up: the first small box above the ground is the power supply.

the big box is the audio and video unit,

then the cam with a steel roof over.

on the left branch there is a IR light with housing and a mic.

On the right branch there is three IR lights with housing.

Added, but this is only with a link to your book to see the pic. I do not want to add pics as it will make the wiki slow to load and there will be too many pics.

Also added your book.

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ALSO -  jacques said the  area from the lodge to the nkorho pan is known as



hi  cerinthe -  here is another one


Noname-18.jpg picture by krukab

HOWZIT  -    couple of questions on the   **  FIRE KING  **

WATER PUMP - how many gallons ( or litres) does

the tank hold 800 liters ( 211 gallon) - how  long does it take to

empty the tank 25-35 minutes depends on at what strengh you spraw the water and how long to fill the tank with water 1 minute

and how long is the fire hose 150 meters

and does each lodge in your area have a ( fire truck set up

like yours ) there is only one lodge out of the 7 that doesn't have a Fire King.

thank you




From the bottom going up: the first small box above the ground is the power supply.

the big box is the audio and video unit,

then the cam with a steel roof over.

on the left branch there is a IR light with housing and a mic.

On the right branch there is three IR lights with housing.



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kru-kab bowser b.c. wrote:

The Boma  Babbles

hi cerinthe  here is a new one- have a good day

Thanks for the reminder Barry and it's added. Smiling

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Joined: Feb 18 2006

The Boma  Babbles

hi cerinthe  here is a new one- have a good day

JUJU1 (not verified)
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what a wonderful job everyone envolved did very informative , I learn something evey time I logon, Just a great job  

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  That was most interesting nameing of of the alphabet. Truly loved reading them. I don't think I can remember all of them, but, I will try. Thanks 

Iceage (not verified)
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Wonderfull information.

Thanks a Lot Cerinthe and Barry.


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hanneke wrote:

Cerinthe. May be  this one too ?     FLAMCAM

Good one Hanneke, it's the obvious we don't see Wink

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Cerinthe. May be  this one too ?     FLAMCAM

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