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Africam - WIldlife Safari Webcam

Africam is a mulimedia online entertainment company specialising in live streaming video.Africam's live 24 hour a day web cams are located in the Sabi Sand Animal Wildlife Reserve, adjacent to the Kruger National Park in South Africa, Africa.Africam is an example of how modern electronics and computer technology can bring live video footage from a remote location to a global audience on a laptop, television or mobile phone.Africam's goal is to bring the online world a live experience of safari life, wildlife entertainment, animal education, eco-tourism, African Safari travel.

Africam are very strong in the social media space and use Facebook and Twitter for wildlife Alerts and interaction with the large online community. Africam see Facebook and Twitter as a means to grow the brand and viewership as video's have the ability to go viral.

Africam is both an entertainment portal and educational tool. It is watched by housewives, teenagers and children alike. Many financial institutions, automotive companies and consumer brands want to be linked to the Africam brand for its green and environmental association.

Africam's audience are mostly high income housewives and teenagers. The common interest are wildlife, electronics, the Internet and entertainment.