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Agamas belong to the class of reptiles, order squamata and sub-order sauria (lacertilia).. The images above are of the tree agama (Acanthocerus atricollis). The Afrikaans name “bloukop koggelmander” is very descriptive referring to the blue head of the breeding male as shown in the lower photograph. The body is covered in spiny scales. Females and juveniles have cryptic colouration, which helps them to blend in extremely well with their background of tree bark. The male develops a very distinctive and highly visible ultramarine colour of the head during breeding. Agamas have a curios way of bobbing or nodding their heads when displaying. They feed mainly on insects. They are egg laying, burying between 4 – 14 eggs in the soil during the summer. When threatened they will put up an aggressive display by opening the mouth widely to show a bright orange lining. If you see one in a tree and attempt to approach it will run to the opposite side of the tree keeping the tree between you and itself whilst peering at you from the opposite side.