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A Kinky Tail Montage

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A Kinky Tail Montage

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A Kinky Tail Montage

This video contains vivid sounds from the night we lost Kinky Tail - beware.

This may pull at your emotions if you were attached to Kinky Tail.

My point is to point out that this is nature and nature has its own way no matter how strange it may seem to us.

Sorry about the trouble this video has had - it had well over 1800 views before it disappeared and in one hour it had well over 100 views in that hour.

Thanks all for the kind words.

Truk Meister

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Defiantly the point was not

Defiantly the point was not for the sound of the fight (as many people have wanted).  If you want the sound of the fight youtube "Death of a Mapogo - Kinky Tail". 

This is a "Montage" not "Fight sounds" Wink (wink)

Thanks for all the comments - many which were lost due to the troubles of earlier versions of this video!

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Nice job on tribute

Nice job on tribute footage!!!

However i find a voiceover a distraction with the other sounds to be heard.

If that is to be main point of show then keep voiceover out, then when there is a tribute do the other stuff.

Over all it was very good!

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