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All things Leopard

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All things Leopard

All Things Leopard 


Newington  Male Leopard

We have started a separate thread for those of us who would like to better understand who these leopards are and where they are from.

RonMexico (not verified)
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Some info on Nzila, who visited the pan, killed a baby wildebeest, and interacted with a hyena the other day:


He's known as "Son of White Cloth" on the Mala Mala site, I think his range moved north off of their reserve before he could receive his own name as a territorial male:


 There is also some info about his days as a cub on the archive pages for his mother, including when his tail first became crooked. He was born around April of 2003, apparently:


2003: http://www.malamala.tv/LEOP_whiteclo03.htm

2004: http://www.malamala.tv/LEOP_whiteclo04.htm

2005:  http://www.malamala.tv/LEOP_whiteclo05.htm

Ann (not verified)
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Here is a site with information about leopards and it also has 2 sound clips.


Ann (not verified)
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I was looking for leopard sounds because of ones we heard last night at Nkorho Pan(January 9,2008) and this site has several different types of sounds they make.  Plus you will also find cheeta and lion sounds here.  Maybe this can help identify the mystery cat seen drinking last night.


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