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Amazing Giraffe Behavior Seen on AFRICAM

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Amazing Giraffe Behavior Seen on AFRICAM

Recently at the Nkorho Pan a truly amazing giraffe behavior was observed by Africam's live streaming camera.

Although it appears that the giraffes are feeding on a deceased buffalo similar to the way a carnivore would, they are in fact chewing on these bones for another reason.

This behavior is known as OSTEOPHAGIA. Due to a deficiency in the soil these giraffes were not getting the necessary calcium and phosphorous that their diet requires. By chewing on the bones they are able to extract the minerals that they so desperately need.

Another exciting wildlife moment captured by Africam.

Special thanks go out to our Forum Members who observed this event, began researching it, and discovered it was indeed the behavior known as OSTEOPHAGIA.

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Do they have salt licks for

Do they have salt licks for the animals?

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