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Amazing leopard video and a visit from the Big Guys

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Amazing leopard video and a visit from the Big Guys

I rest my case with the Sabi Sands being one of the jewels in Africa for leopard sightings. I need say no more after that unbelievable visit from a female and her two young cubs this morning at EP. What a thrill to be able to get live coverage of something so special whilst sitting thousands of miles away. Well Im left speechless and feeling a little incredulous at our luck for such a beautiful sighting. You are able to get a PERFECT visual of the mother and one of the cubs. She looked to be a fairly young mother and I would guess the cubs to be around 4 months old. Go to the front page at 

url www.africam.com/wildlife/index.php to have a look at the video.


I also enjoyed this picture of the elephants at EP



I truly love elephants, they are one of my favourite animals. Ive watched them for hours when I was working in the bush and I never grow tired of them- I was often asked by guests to drive on because they had seen enough of them. Ever since I started learning and then experienced some of their highly social behaviour, and also their communication, they have and always will intrigue me.

Whenever I see them walking in a row like this, I always imagine the herds that are still able to travel vast distances, looking like this. Unfortunately there are hardly any of these places left in the world. Northwest Namibia is one such place where some of the elephants have a home range of 8700 square kilometers.


Thank-you to everyone who contributed with the photos and videos.

Happy camming

Cheers for now




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I have to agree with you

I have to agree with you Josh, elephants are amazing animals. The picture of them is truely amazing. I hope we see more soon.


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