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A Moment of Kindness

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A Moment of Kindness

With the winter holidays coming to a close and a new year about to begin, meanderings and questions have filled my thoughts. As Africamers we all differ in our views on animal protection, intervention and observation, yet we have very similar views when compared to the rest of mankind. There are conservation and preservation organizations that can seem bizarre and sometimes offensive, and then there are those that are so quiet you rarely hear of their focus on saving animals. Both have similar goals and purpose, yet are seemingly very different from each other. Saying all that I would like to share a story with you, perhaps not directly related to animals we see on the cams, but a moment of reflection as we exit this year and welcome a new one. While out on Monday morning doing my mundane errands, I was stopped at a traffic light, mulling over in my head what I might have forgotten to add to my grocery list. In the blink of an eye a truck and car collided in the middle of the intersection right in front of me. The sound of a car wreck is nothing like what you hear on television shows by the way. They both spun and ended up pointing the opposite direction from where they had been headed, both cars damaged enough to bend axles. The collision sent vehicle fluids and all sorts of pieces of metal and glass across the road. I was shaking as I reached for my cell phone and dialed the emergency number. As I told the operator what I had seen, fire broke out under the hood of the car involved. Within a few seconds men came from all directions as they jumped from their cars and ran to put the fire out. The men then stood with fire extinguishers in hand and waited for the emergency response team to arrive. I could see the gray head of hair nod with acknowledgment as the men tried to console the man still inside his car. The impatient people behind me honked their car horns demanding I get out of their way. I turned the corner and pulled off the road. I watched as the fire broke out again with more vigor and the men once again put it out. Fearing worse could happen, the men pulled the injured man from the wreckage and gently carried him to the side of the road. By then the driver of the other car had come over and was kneeling down talking to him, joining the men that had already helped. The fire and rescue team had arrived and I started to pull away when I realized I had just scene a disaster prove to me that there are still genuinely kind, selfless, compassionate people in the world today. The news portrays the world as a mean and ruthless place to be in, but buried in there are little pockets of society that still hold on to the belief that our purpose here on this planet is none other than to help each other. How does this relate to our little windows into Africa that we sit and watch through the cams? The glimpses we see are a reminder that while the world spins in a seemingly frantic cycle of hustle and bustle, there are views that help us see the continued fight for preservation should not get lost in that vicious cycle...the breeding herd of elephants that carefully guard their young, the lions that constantly fight for their territory, the list is endless and fascinating. Just as I was reminded that humans are indeed able to find their true selves when someone is in need, we are reminded that the animals all over the world depend on us in a similar fashion. What will you do this year to help this planet become a little better than it has been? I hope its something that will touch another persons heart, and not just your own. Happy New Year to all, may it be filled with laughter, success, love..and most of all many, many actions of helping each other.

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Yeah I agree with your

Yeah I agree with your thoughts,that's so true that Beauty doesnt depends on external lookout,its depends on your heart.

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Beauty in the human heart. 

Beauty in the human heart.  We care. We have feelings.  Kindness and compassion exists along side the unfeeling and the cruel.  Be glad for beautiful souls. 

Save America's beautiful wild horses.

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This brought tears to my

This brought tears to my eyes...you certainly know

how to write from your heart...thankyou for this and I want to

wish you happiness and health in the New Year

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