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And The Winners Are....

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And The Winners Are....

The results are in. We are pleased to announce all the winners of the 2007 Africademy Awards. Gerda's Africam's Nkorho Story (located below) walked away with the award for Best Picture of The Year.


We would like to congratulate everyone that was involved. It has been truly remarkable to see all of your creations. There is no doubt that it is you, the members, that make Africam such an amazing community.

And now the 2007 Africademy Award Winners are.....

Best Picture: Africam's Nkorho Story (Gerda)
Best Director: Aquila (Nkorho Babies)
Best Editing: Gerda (Africam's Nkorho Story)
Best Author: Fabby (Rules of Nkorho Watering Hole)
Best Musical Score: Aquila (Paradise at Nkorho)
Best Dramatic Actor: Aquila for Baby Baboon (Baby Baboon Left Behind)
Best Comedic Actor: klbak for Baby Baboon (Synchronized Swimming)
Best Wildlife Sighting: Auntie Lyn (Tree Frog)
Best Still Photo: Gerda (Tranquility)

Congratulations once again to all our wildlife film makers!

We look forward to next year, and a new batch of brilliant Africam films.

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What a magnificent site

What a magnificent site thank you Africam

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Oh WOW! I missed that

Oh WOW! I missed thatFrown

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