Animal Call Button

We're just kidding. You can't really call them.

These are completely wild animals, and therefore are completely unpredictable.

But, when we see an animal on one of our cameras -

we can call YOU.

Get Real-Time Wildlife Alerts From Almost Anywhere

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We publish real-time wildlife alerts to Facebook with pics and links. Facebook is a great way to get updates from Africam and also meet other members of our community.  You can even receive alerts by text message. Twitter is a simple and effective way to know when there are animals on our cameras. Its a stream-lined feed of live animal sightings with links to get you there fast.

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Hallo Xx

Hallo Xx AfricaAmazingxX.

Welcome to Africam !

There is  the  daily  created  Boma chit chat -  where  we  talk  what  we  hear  and  see  at  the  cams. Click  here

If  you  have  questions, you can  ask  them  there  too !

Hope to see  you  there.

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This is just amazing. The

This is just amazing. The sights, the animals and that rain! Oh, how I wish to live there! I just love cheetahs so much! <3 No doubt!

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please alert me when the

please alert me when the fighting chickens, aka El Diablos, make an appearance.


Jon C

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OMG Hilarious..........I

OMG Hilarious..........I love it. So nice to see a sense of humour in people. I knew you couldn't call the animals but expected to hear an ellie trumpeting or a kitty roaring. Keep up your wonderful work.

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Sorry but what do you mean

Sorry but what do you mean by that? and i hate this button i spent almost an hour watching then it finally uploaded and i clicked that button and it brought me here. they really need to take that button off!

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 Deleted  by  moderator 


Deleted  by  moderator  -  message  was off  topic.

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thanks a lot. took forever

thanks a lot. took forever to get the video to start up then this stupid call animals button takes me somewhere else. now i have to go reload the video again

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Lions and cheetahs 

Lions and cheetahs


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